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A Little Different than Most CPAs - Today Smart is NOT optional


Operating Forecast a forecast of operating  income and expenditures combined with industry benchmarks to set monthly  targets for your business. Typically we would use your business’s Detailed  Business Projection to create this forecast.

Variance Report a monthly  report combining the Income Statement and the  Operating Forecast. This report will show you where the actual results and the  forecasted results differ. This is one of the most important reports you will  use to manage your business. It will quickly draw your attention to the aspects  of your business that need attention.
Benchmarking setting targets for your business based  on what similar businesses in your industry are doing. This process focuses on  analyzing and understanding the financial ratios appropriate for your industry.

Variance Report and Benchmark Monitoring a  monthly or quarterly meeting to review your businesses Variance Report and  Benchmarks with you. We will strategies on ways to bring the variances back in  line with projections or do a complete course correction based on the  variances.

* All bookkeeping services are provided by TA  Bookkeeping Services, LLC. TA Bookkeeping Service, LLC is an affiliated with  Taryle Accounting, CPAs, PLLC but it is not a licensed CPA firm.

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