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Projections and Forecasts

New Business or Business Line Initial Projection a simple best case scenario to determine the potentially profitability of  the business. You can no longer afford to invest your time and money into a  business idea that can not provide the profits you need. This projection will  let you know what the profit potential of your business idea is if everything  goes perfectly as planned.

Business Model a professional prepared business model  can help attract investment in your business. It may also help to get  employees, partners and associates excited and on board with your concept.  A business models help you to stay focused on  the core of your business.

Detailed Cash Flow Model a detailed projection cash  receipts and cash expenditures. This model in important to determine the cash  requirements for your business. Staying on top of your businesses cash needs  gives you more options for meeting those needs. For example knowing in March  that your business will need more cash in August gives you more options than  discovering the need in July or August.

Detailed Business Projection A detailed projection  of  your business’ income and expenses. This projection is typically done for  just one year.  Among other things the  projection will provide valuable information expanding or contracting aspects  of your business. This projection will become the basis for your business’  operating forecast used to monitor your business.

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